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In the last part we set up our pipeline for a Monolithic Architecture, but that’s not what I promised in the first part of the series.

Let’s get going…

Off to decoupling our services, so that they can live freely once again.

Well, that’s easy. Create a separate repository for each service, copy the workflow files to each of them. You are done! Ok, bye.

No, definitely not.

You can use that setup if…

Read first:

As mentioned in the last part, we have already setup and deployed our three services, but we don’t want to keep pulling the changes every time we make a small change in the codebase, that’s why we need to setup our CI/CD Pipeline.

Let’s get started…

Let’s first treat all our services as Monolithic, and deploy them to the instance.

Create IAM Roles for CodeDeploy and EC2 Instance.

Ok, so let’s start with what’s a microservice.

Basically, there are types are two types of services: a monolithic and a microservice.

Monolithic Architecture:

A monolith architecture is just one big service deployed on one instance, where if one part of the service faces an issue, the whole site goes down.

Microservice Architecture:

A microservice architecture has the whole service divided into multiple smaller services (called microservices). Each service is deployed separately and doesn’t affect the deployment of the other in any way.

Even if one service goes down, the other services are not affected in any way.

Let’s get started with setting up…

Every image has three channels: R, G, B, that is, Red, Green, and Blue which is used to define the pixel value at any point in the image, where the value of red, green, or blue lies between 0–255.

For example: a pixel value of [255, 0, 0] would be all RED, and [255, 255, 0] would be a mix of RED and GREEN, which gives a YELLOW color.

But, if the image is read using OpenCV, it yields the image in BGR format, that is,[255, 0, 0] would be BLUE and so on.

Installing OpenCV

OpenCV is an open-source library for…

Git is a version control system. A version control system is a tool that helps in maintaining different versions of a project. If you made a project and then realized you need another feature in the project, but while coding the new feature you screwed up and need to know what mistake did you make, you can look at the previous version of the code. It also helps in collaborating with multiple people on a project.

You can download Git through here.

Git v/s GitHub/GitLab:

A lot of people get confused between Git and GitHub. So, Git is the version control system that…

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